Indie Rockers Panther Hollow Release New Single, “Coffee Cups”

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Photo by Camille Petricola.

Everyone knows that feeling you get when you hear a song for the first time and you’re hooked on how different it is from all of the other music you’re surrounded by. Enter Panther Hollow, the New York based and Pittsburgh inspired band who use their music as a way to showcase their true vulnerability. Their newest single, “Coffee Cups,” is a perfect example of that vulnerability and today we are happy to be premiering the track here on Paste. “Coffee Cups” tells a story of big city dreams and heartbreak with a mix of sarcastic subtext and garage rock vibes. In other words, it’s different, but it works. Give “Coffee Cups” a spin in the player above.

Frontman Bernardo Ochoa shares with us how the track came to be. “I wrote “Coffee Cups” while I was really hung up on someone and wrestling with what it meant to be heartbroken. I tried to put myself in the perspective of the person I was writing about, living through an average day in their shoes, and I didn’t add my perspective until the end of the song.” He adds, “But one of the main goals while I was writing was to deliberately NOT romanticize either myself or that person. I didn’t want to cast blame on her, and I didn’t want to hold myself to unhealthy standards (and vice versa). It was my way of trying to make peace with the situation.”

Ochoa, the band’s mastermind, is a recent NYU music composition graduate who now makes a living writing and performing rock songs in a variety of Brooklyn bands. However, Panther Hollow is hands down his most personal project. After spending two years working on their new tracks, recording them everywhere from basements to bedrooms to recording studios, the band will be releasing their debut EP, People Synesthesia, next month. The album focuses on the auras that engulf people and tells a story from one song to the other and is bound to be an unexpected favorite.

“Coffee Cups” is off Panther Hollow’s debut EP, People Synesthesia, out May 31st.

For more on Panther Hollow: Facebook // Bandcamp // Soundcloud