Count Vaseline - "Russia"

Music Video
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Count Vaseline was founded in 2016 by songwriter, musician and producer Stefan Murphy during a creative spell in Berlin, Germany. Following just a handful of live appearances there, Count Vaseline decamped to the U.S. to begin working on what would quickly become his first album Yo No Soy Marinero. The narrative of the record is very personal and details a difficult phase in Murphy's life and creativity as well as a celebration of his trials and tribulations in Berlin.

Making the decision to stay in the U.S. was closely followed by a Presidential election that was going to send the universe into something of a tailspin. The rise of Donald Trump as well as a lot of depressing reading about the cyclical patterns in world politics quickly gave birth to The Count's newest album, the minimal Cascade.

Inspired by the 2016 Adam Curtis-directed BBC documentary HyperNormalisation, Count Vaseline's new single "Russia" is an account of two lovers trying to break free from the constraints of the modern world. The song—produced by Gringo Star's Peter Furgiuele—is an '80s-channeling New Wave/post-punk tune, full of arpeggiated synth lines, echoing gated drums and the Count's hypnotic vocals. Deliberately performed at 117 beats per minute, the same BPM as Michael Jackson’s magnum opus, "Billie Jean," "Russia" is designed to make people dance.

You can purchase a copy of Cascade here.