New Video of the United Passenger is Out Now

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By now, everyone with a Twitter feed or access to Facebook knows about the saga of Dr. David Dao and his forced removal from United Airlines Flight 3411. It wasn’t a great look for the airline to have a 69-year-old doctor get his face slammed into an armrest (with an assist from a police officer), and it didn’t help that United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz gave an initial statement about Sunday’s events that was maligned by a whole lot of people.

It also doesn’t help that there’s more video out now that shows what happened with Dao and the airline and authorities before the previous video got rolling. In this “new” clip, Dao tells a flight attendant and an officer that he’s not going to accept their “re-accommodation,” saying: “I’m a physician, I have to work tomorrow, eight o’clock.” He then goes on to specifically tell an officer that he’d “rather go to jail” than cooperate with any “re-accommodation” effort, which no one in charge seems to like.

And then there’s the woman who shared the clip, Joya Griffin Cummings, who says via Facebook that she wasn’t concerned for her safety during the event, which also doesn’t help United’s case much. Basically, there’s not much United can do to itself right now except to slowly back away from everything.

Revisit our feature on the United incident here, and watch the new video above.

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