White Reaper Share Live Video for Unvarnished Garage-Punk Tune "Little Silver Cross"

Music Video White Reaper
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There’s a sort of wondrously unvarnished way to how garage-punk group White Reaper plows through their song “Little Silver Cross,” from The World’s Best American Band (which releases tomorrow).

Despite the name of the album it is on, there’s nothing really hyperbolic or flippant about “Little Silver Cross.” The band just starts the song with a melodic little synth figure and then surrounds that with a momentous central guitar riff and some well-timed drum fills. Singer Tony Esposito’s performance faintly recalls Cloud Nothings’ Dylan Baldi, if Baldi was farther away from the mic and even less concerned with intelligibility. This song is about a feeling and everything else is pared down to raise that up.

As mentioned up top, The World’s Best American Band drops tomorrow on Polyvinyl. Watch White Reaper’s new live video above, and a 2015 performance from the Paste Cloud below. The band also has new tour dates on the books—find those here.