The 5 Best Songs of the Week: Paramore, Waxahatchee and More

Music Features Waxahatchee, Omar S, Nite Jewel, Paramore, James Elkington, Cayetana
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The 5 Best Songs of the Week: Paramore, Waxahatchee and More

We go through a lot of music here at Paste — so much so that it’s easy for stuff to get lost in, well, the shuffle. With that in mind, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to sift through the pile and highlight some of the most exciting tracks we’re listening to right now. Here are five songs we’re spinning this week!

1. Waxahatchee, “Silver”
As anxious as Out in the StormKatie Crutchfield new album title — sounds, its lovely lead single, “Silver,” serves as a level-headed counterpart. “The whole world keeps turning,” she sings against mid-tempo guitar, “I went out in the storm and I’m never returning.” Grab a poncho and join her.

2. Omar-S featuring Nite Jewel, “Confess To U”
Ethereal pop performer Nite Jewel (aka Ramona Gonzalez) joins Detroit techno mainstay Alex “Omar-S” Smith on this synth-flecked tune. Channelling mid-career Janet Jackson, Gonzalez’s silken vocals don’t overpower Omar’s gauzy arrangements, which don’t so much get the party going as it does sustains it through the early-morning hours.

3. James Elkington, “Make it Up”
Quick-fingered guitar man James Elkington has toured, recorded and/or collaborated with big alternative-scene names like Jeff Tweedy, Richard Thompson, Steve Gunn, Joan Shelley and others, but now he steps into the spotlight with a debut record, Wintres Woma, out June 30th via Paradise of Bachelors. Its lead single, “Make it Up,” throws you in the deep end of rapid fingerpicking and bongo-tapping. The fact that it’s about nearly getting into a car accident on your way to a séance just makes it that much more memorable.

4. Paramore, “Hard Times”
Emo-pop mainstays Paramore have been sanding their rough edges for a while now — arguably the most on 2013’s self-titled record and its heart eye-emoji’d lover’s ode, “Still Into You.” This week the trio leaned in even further when they unleashed a splashy, (literally) neon-colored single and video for the tinkling “Hard Times,” which, ironically, is lyrically themed around depression. “All that I want / Is to wake up fine / Tell me that I’m all right / That I ain’t gonna die,” sings a newly platinum Hayley Williams over sunny synths. Looks like they’re still emo kids at heart.

5. Cayetana, “Bus Ticket”
Philly trio Cayetanaconsider the power of inner-strength after hitting bottom on their latest single, “Bus Ticket,” which is taken from their forthcoming full-length, New Kind of Normal (out on May 5 via Plum Records). “This is the new me / And I won’t apologize,” sings Augusta Koch over bitter guitar and crashing cymbals, continuing, “And I was born strong / Like the ones that made me.” That certainly deserves a fist-pump.

Bonus: Prince, “Deliverance”
It’s been a year since Prince’s untimely death, and the posthumous Deliverance EP, which was supposed to be released today (April 21). That won’t happen now (at least not today, due to the fact that Prince’s estate has requested that a judge block the release, which was put together by engineer George Ian Boxill). Still, we have “Deliverance” the single — an anthemic, gospel-tinged slow jam that does The Purple One proud. Listen via Apple Music.