Watch the Latest Episode of Horror Comedy Series Graves

Comedy Video Graves
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Can you peak any harder or earlier than saving the world from demonic invasion when you’re still in high school? That’s the question behind the web series Graves, Terence Krey and Dan Fox’s clever riff on ‘90s supernatural teen shows that’s just started its second season. Imagine if the Scooby Gang from Buffy beat all the evil in Sunnydale back after, like, the second season, and just had to get used to be normal old high schoolers again after that. And then ten years pass and they’re staring down 30 and their job’s a joke, they’re broke and their love life’s D.O.A. Oh, and then the demons come back. That’s the idea behind Graves, whose first season can be seen here.

Season two started last week, with a new episode arriving every Sunday. Here’s a sneak peek at this weekend’s new arrival, where our heroes hit up a local bar, and some demons do some demon business. If you ever wanted to watch a mumblecore-y mash-up of Spaced and Buffy, Graves could be the show for you.

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