Watch the Trailer for Starlight, A French Indie Film Starring Iggy Pop

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Cleopatra Records’ movie division, Cleopatra Entertainment LLC, has released the trailer for Starlight, a French indie film directed by Sophie Blondy. The movie centers around a small circus company, a love triangle and Iggy Pop as some kind of art angel. Yes, really.

Starlight has got to be the most stereotypically French art film in existence. Circus performers? Check (seriously, what is up with French cinema and clowns? It’s been a long time since Children of Paradise, and it’s starting to feel excessive). You may be wondering, does the film have a dreamy location? It’s set in “the dunes by the North Sea,” so check. Does Starlight have ennui? Oh, loads of it. Just listen to the way one performer says, “It can’t go on like this … this shit life.” Is there a random shirtless 1970s punk icon? Check, check, check. As for the plot, we’ve posted the official description below. It’s just a little too wild to paraphrase.

Each performer rehearses and performs new numbers, but this fragile balance will quickly shatter to unveil their real nature and their most obscure feelings. The circus will then become a place of romantic lust where each will use their powers to satisfy their desires.

Angele, the diaphanous ballerina, her clown lover Elliot and the circus ringmaster, full of cruelty and disturbed by fits of schizophrenia on one side. Zohra in love with Elliot, haunted by an uncanny conscience on the other side. Secrets, jealousy, envy will progressively take hold of them and trigger some irreversible acts. The life of the circus will then take a whole new turn. Iggy Pop appears throughout the film as an “angel” type character.

We’ll admit it, we had to look up the definition of “diaphanous.” Turns out it means translucent, i.e. “a diaphanous dress of pale gold.” Curious. Also, we’re not crazy about the words “clown” and “lover” right next to each other. We are, however, interested in that last little bit about Iggy Pop as an “angel”-type character. Is it weird that we think that role might be kinda perfect for Iggy?

Starlight comes to Blu-ray and VOD on May 9, and is currently available for purchase here. From the Paste Cloud, revisit Iggy Pop performing live at the Ritz in 1986 below.