Behold, the Edible Fork From McDonald's, The "Frork"

Food Video McDonalds Frork
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Dear readers, how many times have you been halfway through chowing down on a McDonald’s burger or chicken sandwich, only to be confronted by the grim specter of “topping droppings”? If you’re anything like us, then each and every Big Mac results in a shameful little pile of lettuce, burger bits and “special sauce” that have somehow escaped from the confines of the bun. What are you supposed to do, eat the detritus with your fingers? Scoop it up with a French fry, lacking the most basic of human dignity?

But good news! Now there’s the FRORK! That’s right! It’s the fork made of French fries!

Yes, the Frork. This is a real thing, created by McDonald’s, which is entirely aware of how absurd the whole concept is. If you watch the above video, with pitchman Anthony Sullivan, it quickly becomes clear that the actual purpose of the Frork is to sell the chain’s new line of “Signature Crafted Recipes” sandwiches, which include burgers and chicken sandwiches topped with pico de gallo, maple bacon dijon or “sweet barbecue bacon,” whatever that might be. It’s an amusing little ad—you can’t help but laugh at Sullivan saying “Is this a real problem? Probably not, but we solved it anyway!”

The actual Frork appears to be a red plastic cylinder, into which you can manually insert three French fries to form your tines. Why this is easier than simply picking up the French fries and scooping up “topping dropping,” is not entirely clear.

The commercial concludes with a request to call into an 800 number, but judging from the busy signals we’ve been receiving on our own calls, they’re already swamped with rabid McDonald’s collectors who need every single item ever released to bear the Golden Arches insignia.

“We started with All Day Breakfast, updated our Chicken McNuggets, offered new Mac sandwich sizes for every occasion and now we’re introducing Signature Crafted Recipes because they are inspired by our customers,” Michael Haracz, McDonald’s chef, said in a statement. “And while the Frork is supremely superfluous, it shows that McDonald’s is willing to do whatever it takes to help them enjoy every last bite.”