Brian Fitzy Reveals "Hard Time for Dreamers"

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Brian Fitzy Reveals "Hard Time for Dreamers"

Listen to Brian Fitzy “No Idea”

Brian Fitzy has released his new album, Hard Time for Dreamers. Using a perfect blend of soul, R&B, throwback and funk, he shows his true potential as both a standout songwriter and performer throughout.

Combining elements from various genres, decades and influences, Brian Fitzy manages to create a record that acts as a breath of fresh air for anyone tired of generic Top 40 radio singles. Acting as vocalist, guitarist, violinist and beat-boxer, Fitzy's sound is ahead of it's time and his one man show bringing these tracks to life is electrifying. The standout single "No Idea" fuses futuristic neo-soul with an old school twist, while "Preserve Disorder" offers up a dose of funk.  If you hanker for some nostalgia there is an excellent version of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" by Tears For Fears covered.

Overall, Hard Time for Dreamers shows an impressive range and an extraordinary amount of potential for Fitzy. It's a wild, diverse ride and well worth a listen.


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