Daddy Yankee Wanted That Radiohead Cover of "Gasolina" As Badly as We Did

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Daddy Yankee Wanted That Radiohead Cover of "Gasolina" As Badly as We Did

For a few short seconds, in a YouTube video posted by Informe CL, music fans had it all: a Radiohead cover of Daddy Yankee’s Latin-pop banger “Gasolina.” The cover would have put those pretentious Radiohead fans who promise that Radiohead are the alpha and omega in their proper place while, at the same time, making the band more likable for those of us who just think they make good music. It would have been the Radiohead equivalent of Sufjan Stevens’ “Hotline Bling” cover. Unfortunately, it was too good to be true. The video was simply “Gasolina” playing over Thom Yorke gyrating to Radiohead’s own “Myxomatosis.” In a Rolling Stone interview released today, Daddy Yankee admitted that even he wanted the cover to be real. He said:

When I saw the video, I was like, “Is that real?!” It was a great video, even though I thought it was real. I have a ton of respect for Radiohead. They’re a great, amazing band.

Still, Yankee isn’t doing too poorly for himself—his number one single on Spotify “Despacito” has raked in 370,442,426 listens as of this writing, while Radiohead’s number one single “Creep” is sitting at a paltry 168,063,856. If you’re one of Paste’s normal readers, watch the mashup below and watch the original performance of “Myxomatosis,” plus Paste Cloud audio from Radiohead, below that. If you’re the band Radiohead and you’re reading this, get in the studio and record “Gasolina,” like, yesterday!