Daily Dose: Mikey Young, "Lord Barrel"

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Daily Dose: Mikey Young, "Lord Barrel"

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You may not know Mikey Young’s name, but if you’ve been listening to any of the amazing underground sounds emanating from Australia over the last decade or so, you’ve heard his work. As a musician, he’s applied his multi-instrumental abilities to the bands Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression Ring; as a mastering engineer, he’s lent his ear to hundreds of recordings including releases by Fabulous Diamonds, Chook Race and Bits of Shit. Young’s appreciation for the various strains of noise and bombast has also endeared him to a pair of Chicago labels—Trouble In Mind and Moniker Records—that use his talents regularly.

It was Moniker that reached out to the trusted engineer last year, asking him to help kick off a new series called Your Move, the Synthtastic Solo Series For Humans 8+, a collection of records that needs to follow two rules: “the music must be synth-driven, but is not limited to synths, and the artwork is chess-inspired.” Young responded to the challenge with five gleaming tracks that journey into ‘80s gloss and hazy lo-fi pop.

“Lord Barrel” hews closer to the former camp, a pulsating flash of neon that could have been siphoned off soundtrack albums from Tangerine Dream or Vangelis. It’s no mere pastiche, however, as the song inhales and exhales with mindful concentration. The sequenced pulses and thumps are allowed to arrive gently and to move into the distance to allow the glistening melodies wafting underneath to come into focus. It’s a happy dream sequence made musically manifest.

Your Move, Vol. 1 will be released on vinyl, cassette, and digital formats via Moniker Records on June 16th.

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