Exclusive: Check Out This Behind-the-Scenes Logan Clip

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James Mangold’s Logan was a surprisingly dark and violent take on the comic book genre. Critics and audiences alike responded positively, propelling the film into the top 10 highest-grossing R-rated films ever. After 17 years of playing the character, Hugh Jackman’s final run with Wolverine was a stirringly poignant portrait of an aging man growing tired of stabbing people repeatedly with his hand claws.

Ahead of tomorrow’s Blu-Ray release, Paste can share an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip discussing one of the film’s most memorable set pieces: the smelting plant. The unique housing situation where Logan lives alongside Xavier and Caliban was heavily showcased prior to the film’s release and works as an extended metaphor for how far the X-Men have fallen in the world. As Sir Patrick Stewart explains, the plant is a “grim and uncomfortable and unpleasant place.” It’s a far cry from the stately X-Mansion the team usually enjoys between adventures to save the world.

The clip showcases some of the beautiful concept art that guided production manager Francois Audouy’s striking set designs. It’s fascinating to see just how well thought out this movie was, though it comes as little surprise, given the excellent results.

Be sure to watch the clip in question above—you can preorder the Logan Blu-Ray (which includes Logan Noir) here before its release tomorrow, May 23. Also, check out where Logan ranks on our list of the best films of 2017 (so far).