Exclusive: Rev. Sekou's Paste Studio Set Is the Spiritual Performance We Need Right Now

Features Rev. Sekou
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Rev. Sekou and the Seal Breakers visited Paste Studio in New York City, where they performed three tracks, two of which were from their just-released (and highly relevant) album, In Times Like These.

First up was a rowdy song called “Resist,” followed by a bluesy breakup anthem called “Loving You Is Killing Me.” Last, the group performed a poignant non-album track called “I Believe,” which they dedicated to the family of Jordan Edwards.

“The task of the artist in times like these is to create medicine for the people so they can live to fight another day and create possibilities,” said Sekou about his new album. “And so in in times like these the music becomes crucial to end human suffering and then offering those who would lead us to a different place a different vision.”

Watch the group’s full performance below.