Get Chased in This Year's Wings for Life Race

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Get Chased in This Year's Wings for Life Race

The worldwide race Wings for Life is back for its fourth year in a row and is ready to chase everyone down … literally. On May 7th in 24 locations around the world, racers will run to a finish line that is actually chasing them. A “catcher car” will go along the race route and gradually gain speed, “catching” racers as it travels. When you are caught, your race is over. (The current record is 54 miles!)

Whether this is your first race or you’re a seasoned veteran, the method of looking over your shoulder with the suspense of getting caught makes many runners run faster than they ever have before. All of the proceeds go towards researching a cure for spinal cord injury. Over the past three years, Wings for Life has earned $16 million towards the movement.

Even if you can’t go to Croatia, Florida or Spain to race, you can join the chase by signing up for a virtual car on the app.

McGee Nall is a freelance writer based out of Athens, Georgia. She was probably eating Nilla wafers and Nutella while writing this.

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