Seth Meyers Calls out Republicans in Congress for Refusing to Check President Trump

Comedy Video Seth Meyers
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In Seth Meyers’ latest iteration of his signature Late Night segment, “A Closer Look,” the host mocks the President’s abnormal diet and exercise beliefs, such as a belief that exercise is bad for you and his requirement of two scoops of ice cream to everyone else’s one, before digging into Congressional Republicans for their ambivalence towards Trump’s antics.

We get it, having to work with Trump and his Twitter on a daily basis sounds like a nightmare, but Meyers rightly points out that is no excuse to simply not do the job required of Congress. The House and Senate are upheld in our democracy as checks on the President to prevent such abuses of power as threatening other White House workers for their personal loyalty, as The N.Y. Times reports Trump did to FBI director James Comey before firing Comey sometime after his refusal.

Meyers accuses Republicans of being content to surrender our democratic institutions for short-term political expediency. This is something we have seen gradually become worse and worse so far into Trump’s presidency, with Meyers playing clips of Marco Rubio looking like he needs a nap when talking about being surprised by Trump’s latest move. Meyers also showed Mitch McConnell rejecting a call for a special prosecutor after the firing of Comey, and Paul Ryan admitting ambivalence towards both the President’s threatening tweets and the possibility of Trump recording all going-ons in the White House.

Meyers reminds us both parties must choose to exercise checks on power that our democracy prescribes, but so far the Republican side of Congress has stayed eerily quiet.

Watch the whole segment embedded above.