Major Love Event Premiere the Vibrant "Sandy Sound"

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Major Love Event Premiere the Vibrant "Sandy Sound"

Listen to "Sandy Sound" via Soundcloud:

Major Love Event may be a duo of maximalist working on a miniature scale; yet they have constructed an amazing sound using a variety of fantastic instruments and beautiful harmonies. Premiering their new single with us today, “Sandy Sound," their songs are composed with such an enormous amount of talent and versatility. 

The track enters with a dancing electric guitar infused sound coupled with some hints of electro-pop. The drum cadence is steady but bouncy, with an intense build up and some gloriously climatic melodies and vocal arrangements. The duo definitely nailed the production. The harmonies are on point, and the vibe is a mix of breezy alternative pop with some hints of r&b, electro pop, and even a slight bit of folk. The mix is clean, not overly compressed, or saturated with reverb which is rare these days. 

Frontwoman Rebecca Van Damm says of the track:

"My desire has often felt like a bull in a china shop. There is longing and then there is subsequent shame around that longing. My hope for this song was to evoke images of a cold overcast day by a body of water; mesmerizing and impersonal. In a place like this, you've got all this space to be yourself, but when all you want is warmth and connection, it's the least helpful place to be."

Overall, “Sandy Sound,” is a pleasant soundtrack to the summer. It’s catchy, the vocals are effortlessly cool, and melodies are fun! What’s not to love about that?

"Sandy Sound" is taken from the band's upcoming release self-title release, due out in June.