Nashville’s Bern Kelly Releases New Track, “Win Your Heart”

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Nashville dream-pop artist Bern Kelly has spent the last three years writing his upcoming release, Lost Films. The result is an album which lyrically touches on life experiences and is musically influenced by an array of genres from power-pop to plaintive folk to reverb-washed Americana. The album will be released on June 23rd via Underpass Records and today we are thrilled to be premiering Kelly’s newest single, “Win Your Heart.” With influences from Ryan Adams and Real Estate, the track is a stunning one that transports the listener to a dream-like, summery state, perfect for long drives on the open road. Give the track a spin in the player above!

Kelly shared with us what influenced “Win Your Heart,” saying, The bulk of this song came from a few different nights at local watering holes where I ran into some friends who were on what appeared to be first dates. A few weeks later, I ran into the same people at different places, but they had inadvertently switched dates. You gotta show up to win I guess, and sometimes you're just out there in the middle of this game and you don't even know it.”

Recorded by Patrick Damphier (The Arcs, Tim Easton, The Mynabirds), Lost Films features tracks that are “darker, wordier, and more narrative driven.” Because of this, Kelly wanted to include tracks that had more of a groove. With creative control on this album, Kelly was able to take the direction of Lost Films wherever he wanted it to go. He explains, “Some of the songs deal directly with the real-life struggles of working people, and to a degree that work can define a person, but it’s about more than that—it’s about trying to find something meaningful for yourself outside of whatever you do to pay the bills.”

“I rewrote the intro riff right before tracking to have a Stax/Volt kinda feel and the rhythm section of Jon Radford and Travis Vance just took it and ran with it. We brought Russ Pahl in to play pedal steel on some songs and the producer, Patrick Damphier, had left the solo section wide open for him. Russ ended up building this half-underwater feel for the first part and then this layered George Harrison-esque back half to drive it into the bridge. We also raised the key slightly out of my vocal range, which led us to double tracking some things and adding some harmonies and stuff we may not have otherwise. During final mixing, we were also proud that it still clocked in under 3 minutes.”

“Win Your Heart” is off of Bern Kelly’s upcoming album Lost Films, to be released June 23rd via Underpass Records. Fans can pre-order Lost Films on vinyl here or head on over to for more info.

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