Netflix Buys Rights to Michael Jackson Film Bubbles

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Netflix Buys Rights to Michael Jackson Film <i>Bubbles</i>

Thanks to Netflix, fans will get see the King of Pop from a never-before-seen perspective: a stop-motion journey through the eyes of his pet monkey, Bubbles.

If this idea sounds far-fetched to you, let us remind you of just a couple of the Michael Jackson portrayals we’ve seen in recent history. There was that outrageously bizarre episode of Urban Myths that featured a very Caucasian Joseph Fiennes playing Jackson (eventually pulled due to massive backlash after the release of the trailer), and of course the made-for-TV movie Searching for Neverland that premieres May 29 on Lifetime, home of over-acting and poorly written scripts.

In comparison, Bubbles will be one of the more artful films about the pop star’s life. Still, it seems that there is a constant effort in the entertainment world to not let Michael Jackson rest in peace. Here’s to hoping Bubbles isn’t totally insensitive, or at least gives an accurate portrayal of its title character.