Paste Sessions: Watch Troubadour Drew Holcomb Fight for Love

Nashville songwriter performs exclusive versions of "New Year," "Wild World" and "Fight for Love."

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Paste Sessions: Watch Troubadour Drew Holcomb Fight for Love

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Drew Holcomb visited the Paste Studio in New York last week to perform three solo tracks from his latest album with his band, the Neighbors, Souvenir.

In between songs, Holcomb described feeling “burnt out” following the release of the band’s last record, 2015’s Medicine, and its accompanying 180-show tour. It motivated Holcomb to invite the rest of his band to write with him for the first time in their 10-year history. “I was kind of running out of things to say, at least I felt that way,” he said. “It was a really great, collaborative experience. They know me; they’ve been with me for 10 years. There was a lot of camaraderie.”

With the help of the Neighbors, it turned out Holcomb had plenty to say. He began his acoustic session at Paste with “New Year,” a bittersweet, folky tune about watching friends undergo their respective experiences and struggles, and considering the mysteries that lie ahead for them in the coming year. It’s a concept that Holcomb said served as inspiration for Souvenir as a whole. “This record is a lot about the paradox of growing up” explained Holcomb, wearing his signature wide-brimmed hat. “You expect life to get easier but it actually just gets heavier and more complicated. But the joy you experience, and by doing it with people, is what greases the wheel and makes it doable.”

Following “New Year,” Holcomb performed the Election Day-inspired “Wild World” and his stripped-down take on the angry, anthemic track, “Fight for Love.”

Check out Drew Holcomb’s entire performance below:

And for a special treat, find a special performance by Holcomb and the Neighbors from 2015 here.

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