Paste Sessions: Watch Matthew Sweet Perform "Trick," "Pretty Please" and "Sick of Myself"

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Paste Sessions: Watch Matthew Sweet Perform "Trick," "Pretty Please" and "Sick of Myself"

Power-pop king Matthew Sweet stopped by Paste Studios in New York this week to perform a few tracks from his forthcoming album, Tomorrow Forever, which drops on June 16. First up was album single “Trick,” followed by “Pretty Please” and “Sick of Myself.”

During his session, Sweet also provided some background into his album title, which he says is inspired by a Margaret Keane painting of the same name. “Keane is known for the super big-eyed kids from the late-’50s early ‘60s,” he said. “They made a movie about her called Big Eyes. My wife and I collected a lot of her art and were consultants on her movie. In the end—and I’d hoped to use the painting ‘Tomorrow Forever’ as the cover for the album—but in the end I wasn’t able to get the rights for it. And so we ended up using art from another artist from the time, but I really liked the title, so I kept the title.”

Sweet hit radio paydirt with his 1991 album Girlfriend, one of the great power-pop documents of all time, with the swirling title track catapulting him to stardom. The ensuing years have seen him release no fewer than 12 albums, including a three-volume collection of covers recorded with Bangles frontwoman Susanna Hoffs.

Watch Sweet’s full Paste Studio performance below.

And also check out this exclusive 2011 performance and interview with Sweet from our bottomless vault. Enjoy!