FX Crack Cocaine Drama Snowfall Receives Two Exuberant New Promos

TV Video Snowfall
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The title of John Singleton’s forthcoming FX crime drama Snowfall conjures images of a tranquil winter day, but the setting is Los Angeles and the white powder is of a different, narcotic kind, with the title’s suggestion of a storm evoking the hurricane of pandemonium that sprung up around the crack cocaine epidemic in the ‘80s. The ironic placidity of the show’s naming is playful even as its contrast to the series’ subject matter heightens wariness about the violence to come, and it is this same tension between light and hard-hitting that is conveyed in a pair of promos that FX just dropped.

In the first teaser, seen above, a teenage guy, played by Damson Idris, sits on a porch with the white stuff in his hand while RUN-DMC’s “It’s Tricky” thumps on the soundtrack as if blasted from a boombox. The sun is out, the colors are bright and when the kid’s customers (or partners in crime) approach the stoop, everybody’s smiling. As the young dealer stands up to greet the newly arrived, “This is How Crack Began” pops up onscreen, topping off a teaser that is infectiously energetic and just plain ol’ fun. The second promo, also set to the RUN-DMC tune and available to view below, keeps the gusto ramped up but complicates the entertainment factor with the menacing presence of guns being drawn and blows being thrown.

Give the promos a watch, and catch Snowfall when the 10-episode first season debuts on July 5.