Video Premiere: Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights cover legendary John Waite song"Missing You"

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Just when we thought power pop / alternative rock couldn’t get any sexier, enter Paul Johnson! 

Hailing from Mississippi, Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights have released a new video covering John Waite’s 1984 hit ‘Missing you’ and we think it’s awesome! It’s common for us to listen to covers and quickly dismiss them preferring the original, but Paul Johnson really does the legendary Brit’s song justice adding in his unique and modern take on the iconic track. We asked Paul on for his thoughts on the cover and why he chose this particular song.

“It’s hard to do a classic song like ‘Missing You’ and do it justice. That’s what we all wanted to do, pay it justice while still making it our own. It’s one of the best songs of its generation...or any generation, and it carries something very emotive and timeless. I think anyone can relate to it, so it will never get old. That’s a true sign of its craftsmanship.” – Paul Johnson

To describe Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights I would have to draw from some icons. Take the passion and emotion of Butch Walker, the oomph and lyrical skill of Tom Petty, the power chords and classic style of The Replacements and add in the good old fashioned attitude and flare of the Foo Fighters. Then you can just about begin to get a feel for what these nice Southern boys are about! 

Not only has this cover blown us away, but we are unbelievably delighted to announce that their new EP, Give Up The Ghost is also available today! We were lucky enough to sneak a peak at the upcoming EP earlier this week. What can we say, catchy melodies, punchy riffs and an EP that will leave you singing out loud and begging for more!

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