Exclusive: Watch JR JR Perform 13 Reasons Why Track "Same Dark Places" at Paste

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Exclusive: Watch JR JR Perform <i>13 Reasons Why</i> Track "Same Dark Places" at Paste

Detroit  duo JR JR recently visited Paste Studio in New York, where they performed two tracks: “Same Dark Places” and “Pull You Close.” 13 Reasons Why fans might recognize the first song from the TV show’s soundtrack.

Partnering with the Jed Foundation, which “empowers teens and young adults with the skills and support to grow into healthy, thriving adults,” JR JR gave Paste a bit of insight into the song’s genesis. “I think that we’ve arrived at this point in history where we’ve made so much social progress that there’s starting to be a little bit of a resistance to it,” said lead singer Daniel Zott. “Given that climate, it’s really important to try and talk about things that make you feel vulnerable.

“One of my friends was writing for 13 Reasons Why, which is how [“Same Dark Places”] got released, and we were talking about how we felt like we had a social responsibility to give people a channel for support and for help, given that we’re talking about some scary and dark subject matter.”

Watch JR JR’s full set below.

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