Watch Seth Meyers Take a Closer Look at the Passing of Trumpcare, Paul Ryan’s Hypocrisy

Comedy Video Seth Meyers
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In case you were wondering if Paul Ryan is still a hypocritical piece of shit, Seth Meyers is here to tell you: Yes. Yes, he is.

After leading the House to vote to strip healthcare from 24 million people, raise many Americans’ premiums, cut $880 billion from Medicaid and give the richest rich a massive tax cut, it seems Speaker Ryan has all but forgotten his 2009 warnings about passing the supposedly rushed, unvetted ACA legislation that only served the ideology of one party.

Despite the fact that Republicans complained about a lack of transparency and public input surrounding the passing of Obamacare, many House representatives have admitted to not even reading the only 160-page bill that passed yesterday. And if you’re wondering where President Trump was in all of this, he was keeping himself quite busy. Whether he was letting a metaphor that George W. Bush once made go flying over his head or taking another opportunity to publicly gloat about winning the election, he certainly had a lot on his plate yesterday.

Go ahead and check out the full video above, and if it makes you too angry, remember: Vote in 2018. For the love of all that is good, help us vote these assholes out of Congress.