Exclusive: Watch Welles' Psychedelic Debut Video, "Life Like Mine"

Music Video Welles
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Arkansas rockers Welles have released their very first music video, which you can watch exclusively here at Paste. “Life Like Mine” is an ethereal delight, complete with giant paper mache hands and an entire garden’s worth of flowers.

The video is filled with psychedelic visuals and sort of reads like a four-minute-long acid trip. The band prances around tunnels in New York City, oblivious to their own peculiarities.

Jehsea Welles—Welles’ frontman, whose vocals are reminiscent of a long-lost Beatle—describes his sound as “burnt toast.” He’s unfair to himself; he has a inimitable voice that can’t be taught or acquired over time. This exceptionality perfectly complements the theme of “Life Like Mine,” which focuses on the gifted outsider’s tendency to estrange themselves from society.

Watch the video for “Life Like Mine” above. You can also watch Welles’ Paste Studio session below.