Daily Dose: Flash Trading, "Vini"

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Daily Dose: Flash Trading, "Vini"

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Kris Petersen knows modern electronic music. He spent a lot of time listening and absorbing and cultivating some of the best beat, drone and synth sounds around during his time as the label manager for DFA Records. And his social media accounts are a fantastic source for new music that sits comfortably on the bleeding edge.

Wise man that he is, Petersen is putting his money where his heart is with his new venture TAG OUT. Part record label, part merchandising enterprise, the imprint is already off to a rousing start with the release of two tracks that will massage your insides with bass tones and have your eyelids twitching with every drum machine hit.

The most recent is this acid house banger from a Brooklyn trio known as Flash Trading. The digital single—available here warm tribute to Vini Reilly, the guitarist and soundsmith who has recorded for years under the name The Durutti Column and helped Morrissey get his solo career of the ground by co-writing much of the material on Viva Hate.

The music doesn’t dare to approximate the dreamy or poppy sounds of Reilly’s work. It’s more an approximation of that glorious feeling that a great song can bring out of you. And how listening again and again to a favorite songs can bring back those memories of when it first grabbed you. Flash Trading brings that to life with those warmly pulsing synth drones, a delirious Roland 303 pattern and Monae Freeman’s quietly insinuating vocal turn.

Up next for the band is The Golden Mile, their debut EP, and plenty of shows in their hometown. Until then, put this one on repeat.