Daily Dose: Shawn Colvin, "If I Were Brave (Live)" (Premiere)

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Daily Dose: Shawn Colvin, "If I Were Brave (Live)" (Premiere)

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1997 was the year that Shawn Colvin finally broke into the mainstream. Before then, she was a jewel of the New York folk scene who snagged a GRAMMY for her first album and was well-regarded enough to coax Joni Mitchell into playing percussion on her second LP. But with the release of her third album of original material A Few Small Repairs, Colvin caught fire in a big way. A concept album inspired by the end of her marriage, the 1996 release was buoyed by the success of its lead-off track “Sunny Came Home,” a single that peaked at #7 on the Billboard charts and was named Song of the Year by GRAMMY voters in 1998.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of A Few Small Repairs, the album is getting a richly-deserved deluxe reissue (out on September 15th via Columbia/Legacy Recordings). The release boasts a remastered edition of the original album and the inclusion of a batch of live recordings from the time that offered up fresh perspective on these bruisingly beautiful songs.

And to whet your appetite for this new edition of the LP, Colvin shared with us a small exclusive from those additional tracks: a gorgeous rendition of “If I Were Brave,” originally recorded for the Columbia Records Radio Hour. It’s a bracing listen, with Colvin at her most embittered, wondering what to make of all the happy couples she’s performing for as her own relationship crumbles around her. As performed with just voice and piano, the already raw emotions feel somehow more tender and exposed.

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