Track Premiere: Dina Maccabee "Go Ahead"

Music Video
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With one of the most intriguing singles of the year, Dina Maccabee proves to be a skillful solo artist on the rise. The album’s lead single, Go Ahead, was written in Mertola, Portugal, inside a historic chapel during her artist residency there. Lyrically this is a place to vent for Maccabee, who sings of conflict and from a place of angst over mostly fingerpicked viola, and a bend-heavy chorus riff that couldn’t be bested if it were played on lead guitar.

I have a secret dream of writing a self-help book for musicians. There are so many hurdles involved in putting yourself out there, like balancing humility with a desire for attention to your work, or being compatible with a variety of personalities in pressured situations. I haven’t gotten to the book yet, but I write a lot of songs, as self-help mantras addressed to myself, like “Go Ahead.” This song came from relationships I’ve had where people are so convinced of their good intentions, they don’t realize they are trying to control or overpower the people around them. So it’s a riff on “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” because even though, of course, words can hurt very much... in response to aggressiveness, I can still be present, open-hearted and compassionate, rather than either attacking back or retreating. "Now you hide behind your guns, did you think that I would run?" This song is a reminder to myself that even when I feel like I’m being cornered or bullied or provoked, I can stay above the drama, and I don’t have to engage in emotional combat, which is a struggle for power no one ever wins. “You think your might can make you right, but not if I refuse to fight…” it’s an attitude toward conflict and difficult relationships that I aspire to."

"Go Ahead" glows with stunning musicianship.

-Lou Flesh

June 27th // San Francisco, CA  @ The Chapel

June 28th // Los Angeles, CA  @ The Echo

August 13th // Chicago, IL @ Cafe Mustache

August 31st // Portland, OR @ Open Signal