doubleVee - "Frucus Minus (The Flycatcher)"

Music Video
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If you were part of the college radio world in the early '00s, you remember The Starlight Mints. This band was destined to be huge. They had label backing, solid tours and the tunes to justify it all. They were a fixture of the scene for man-years, before disappearing without so much as peep. Were they on hiatus? Did the break up? Nobody knew. 

It's safe to assume now that they had broken up. The good news is that frontman Allan Vest has retuned, aided by his wife Barb Vest, with a new moniker, doubleVee (Don't ask me. I have no idea). In February, the released their debut long player, The Moonlit Fables of Jack The Rider. Since then, they've been dropping these stellar videos on us. Most recently, we received "Frucus Munis (The Flycatcher)". The song will appeal to any Mints fan. The addition of Barb Vests' beautiful voice is a welcome contrast to Allan's more business-like approach.  The video definitely feels like an homage to Wes Anderson. We're fans of both. So we're happy to share this video with you.