Exclusive: Watch The Secret Sisters' Father's-Day-Themed Video for "Carry Me"

Music Video The Secret Sisters
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Father’s Day falls on this Sunday, June 18, and The Secret Sisters have chosen a melodic means of commemorating the occasion. Paste is excited to premiere the music video for “Carry Me,” a track that honors the comfort and love the Rogers sisters have received from their own father.

“Carry Me” is the third track from The Secret Sisters’ third studio album, You Don’t Own Me Anymore, which was released last week. The Secret Sisters told Paste about writing a song about the very first man to come into their lives:

It’s easy, as a woman, to write a song about the men who’ve broken your spirit. It’s a different task entirely, to sit down and write a song about the first man to hold you, the first man to proclaim that you are beautiful, the first man to express his lifelong love for you, the first man you learn to love in return. But that kind of man holds such value in this world, even more value than the ones who don’t handle us with care.

“Carry Me” is about the love of a good father, and the patient, tender, forgiving nature of that bond. Such a love should be celebrated, on this national holiday and on every regular day. Thank you, to every good man who has made the choice to be a present and purposeful father. Your worth is immeasurable and you make this cruel world better by the way you love those who look up to you. We see you.

The video, directed by Mark Slagle/1504 Pictures, features footage of various home movies that showcase fatherhood, including shots of the Rogers sisters with their father. Material of The Secret Sisters’ friends with their children is also incorporated, including a shot of John Paul White of The Civil Wars with his own kids. The film flashbacks interchange with present-day recordings of The Secret Sisters performing the song alongside their friend and collaborator Brandi Carlile.

After you’ve watched the poignant video for “Carry Me,” see The Secret Sisters perform the track during their Paste Studio session, one of our favorites from May 2017, below.

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