First Blush Shares Captivating Video for "Gold"

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First Blush Shares Captivating Video for "Gold"

Charles Sekel studied at Peabody Institute as a classical and jazz musician. During his college days, he struggled with alcoholism and extreme anxiety. Like so many other college students, he was stuck in a continuous cycle of self-destruction. However, Charles was lucky enough to find an outlet for his inner daemons- original music. Charles Sekel created an alter ego we know as First Blush. His writing is meant to help both himself and others get out of self-destructive cycles, and his video for “Gold” exemplifies that to an even higher degree. Now sober through the support of therapists and his wife, Charles is a survivor of addiction, and continues to release his struggle through his own original music. Check out “Gold” by First Blush!

Watch "Gold" by First Blush, here:

Within the first 30 seconds of First Blush’s newest music video for their single “Gold”, you’re completely captured by the beautiful cinematography, and can’t pull your eyes away from the story that is about to unfold. However, it is not until the end of the video that you realize the statement First Blush and director Adio Ash created. Starting out as a silly idea, the video’s concept revolves around our society’s obsession with GIFs. First Blush, known in day-to-day life as Charles Sekel, started thinking about the concept of GIFs to resemble feelings of monotony and self-destruction. Throughout the video, we watch multiple scenes of seemingly ordinary lives. However, by the end, everyone falls apart from the redundancy of their lives.