Gerard Way Breaks Down His Favorite Moments from Doom Patrol Vol. 1

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Gerard Way Breaks Down His Favorite Moments from <i>Doom Patrol</i> Vol. 1

Doom Patrol may just be the strangest book on the stands—a high compliment, given the title’s lineage. Known best for an early-‘90s run from comics revolutionary Grant Morrison and artist Richard Case, the comic was a high-water mark for the offbeat and surreal, with subsequent iterations (aside from Rachel Pollack and Ted McKeever’s oft-forgotten run) falling far short of Morrison and Case’s groundbreaking oddity.

Writer, musician and curator of DC Comic’s Young Animal imprint Gerard Way has taken inspiration from Morrison and Pollack’s runs, not just in subject matter (welcome back, Flex Mentallo), but in pushing for the new and not resting on nostalgic laurels. Working alongside rising superstar artist Nick Derington, innovative colorist Tamra Bonvillain and award-winning letterer Todd Klein, Way has rebuilt the legacy of Doom Patrol brick by brick (as the first volume’s subtitle suggests). Robotman, Negative Man, Crazy Jane, Danny and the rest of the gang are back, with brand-new creations like Casey Brinke and Terry None carrying Doom Patrol into a rainbow-hued new era. The comic revolves around a ragtag group of cosmic misfits (including a sentient street/cabana/ambulance) who keep hope alive through multiple dimensions and timelines, battling intergalactic fast food chains and alternate versions of themselves.

With the first volume, collecting issues #1 through #6, fresh on shelves and the next story arc kicking off at the end of July, Paste invited Way to break down five of his favorite moments from the initial arc. Check out his selections and commentary above—and feel free to crank up these jams while you do so.