Grierson & Leitch: It Comes at Night, The Mummy and Hitchcock's Shadow

Podcast #72

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Grierson & Leitch: <i>It Comes at Night</i>, <i>The Mummy</i> and Hitchcock's <i>Shadow</i>

Listeners of the Grierson & Leitch podcast are often a little bummed out that Tim and Will don’t disagree that often, which makes sense, considering they’ve known each other since they were in middle school. But we’ve got some real disagreement this week. Grierson is a big fan of Trey Edward Schult’s It Comes at Night. Leitch is quite a bit less so. They dig into that this week, as well as their shared tendency to want to lightly, very carefully defend Tom Cruise’s The Mummy, which is not good, but is not as defiantly bad as some have argued.

Then, in their Reboot segment, they discuss their third Alfred Hitchcock movie. This week, it’s 1943’s Shadow of a Doubt, a film that Hitchcock believed was his best. Grierson is not so sure.

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