Was the Bowling Green Massacre an Alien Cover-up? Modern Aliens Investigates.

Comedy Video Modern Aliens
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We all get a big laugh out of the so-called Bowling Green Massacre when Kellyanne Conway mentioned the seemingly fictional terrorist attack during an interview with Chris Matthews earlier this year. But is it possible that Trump's counselor slipped up and let out the strongest proof yet that our government is covering up the existence of aliens who want to murder and/or impregnate us all? I mean, probably not, but it's far from the most ludicrous conspiracy theory you've probably seen on the internet just this week.

Modern Aliens: A Documentary Periodical isn't afraid to uncover the truth, or make fun of the absurd conspiracy theorists who actually (seem to) believe stuff like this. The second episode of the YouTube series, "The Bowling Green Alien Massacre: The Deadliest Alien Crash Cover Up Uncovered!," tackles the secret link between the terrorist attack that didn't happen in Kentucky and the secret alien invasion currently undermining all human existence, and you can watch the full episode exclusively here at Paste. (At least for now—truth this dangerous can't be held hostage by any single website.)

Written and directed by Jordan Jaffe, and starring Noah Robbins (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), Jack DiFalco (The OA), Jose Joaquin Perez and Samantha Slater, the second episode of Modern Aliens will be available on YouTube soon. For now, you can watch it above. Earlier (and future) episodes can be found at the Modern Aliens YouTube homepage.

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