Reid Lee Shares Intense Video for "Save the Best"

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Reid Lee Shares Intense Video for "Save the Best"

Watch Reid Lee's "Save the Best" here:

Out-and-proud musician Reid Lee just released a powerful new music video. “Save the Best” tackles the issue of domestic violence, especially in the LGBTQ+ community. The emotion is prevalent in the lyrics and vocals, but the visuals make the song so much more meaningful.  

The video takes the viewers on a journey that shows how mentally and physically tolling an abusive relationship is, but also that shows that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Love prevails always. At the end it highlights three organizations that help anyone in the LGBTQ+ community needing support: The Anti-Violence Project, Gay Men's Domestic Violence, and FORGE.

In Reid Lee’s own words:

"This song is based on the idea that at this age, I can't expect to be somebody's first love- the same goes for me. I'm not asking for that person to have saved all their love for me, but to save what's left, save the best of it for me. This is a love song to the person you haven’t met yet.

The video is about relationships teaching you what you want out of a partner and how to BE a better partner given the chance. It certainly is about realizing no matter what you’ve gone through, the best of your love will still be there, reflected in the person you’re meant to be with.

Intimate Partner Abuse is all too common in the LGBTQ community, and there’s a huge amount of shame that comes with the idea of letting yourself be abused by someone of the same sex. This video hopes to bring some of that to light and, ultimately, aims to tell those people that might be in abusive situations that no matter what they are going through, not only is there help and support out there for you, but there is love and acceptance and someone out there who will love you and treat you with the respect you deserve. It says believe in yourself, because we already do."

Be sure to check out his album, out worldwide on June 23rd!

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