Reverse Retro Thriller from Synth Maestro Eli Raybon

Music Video
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I'm not sure if anyone has drawn a line between the new wave music movement born in the late 70's and the 'French' new wave film style made popular in the early 60's. Oddly enough, it took a 19-year-old kid from the South to draw a firm parallel between the two. Eli Raybon, now an LA-transplant, worked closely with visionary filmmaker Markus Thorington on his video for "30 Cents" which finds the young, green clad songwriter moving backwards in time through a wily series of events which involves classic pulp criminals and no-nonsense secret agents. Raybon's distinctive retro aesthetic seems 100% genuine, which begs the question - why is this Post-Millennial channeling 80's-era John Hughes soundtrack pop? He is certainly dancing to his own beat, with this unique approach bleeding into his video work. 

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