The 6 Worst Republican Attack Ads in the Georgia Special Election

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The 6 Worst Republican Attack Ads in the Georgia Special Election

Georgia is inundated with political ads right now. The race between Jon Ossoff and Karen Handle to fill the congressional seat vacated by new Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price will (hopefully) culminate by the end of today. And thank goodness, because this is the most expensive race in the history of the House of Representatives, and you can feel it. The political ads are ubiquitous and insulting to all of mankind’s intelligence. The Democrats aren’t making this list because their ads are boring and mostly show Karen Handel saying things on video that are nationally unpopular (as to whether they’re unpopular in GA-06, only time will tell).

The GOP is pulling out all the stops, though, and because Alex Jones gets to go on NBC while no one even knows who the left’s Alex Jones is, some ugly attack ads have bubbled up to the surface that you just don’t see on Ossoff’s side. If you want to know how unhinged America’s political culture presently is, the battle that D.C. brought to this small sliver of Georgia is providing us with a pretty sad snapshot.

Warning: number one may lead you to punch a hole through your screen.

6. “Jon Ossoff, Childish, Reckless..!! ? “Risky” NRCC® TV Ad – GA06”

This one is standard D.C. Republican-speak. “Radicals.” “D.C. Liberals.” “Hollywood Elites.” You get it. The entire Legion of Doom is here to give out free abortions and only YOU can stop it.

5. “San Francisco for Jon Ossoff”

More classic Republican hits. We’re at a Jay-Z concert and he’s playing Big Pimpin’ for the 3rd time in a row. Given the astoundingly low bar due to how incredibly played out this narrative is, this ad is actually kind of funny.

4. “Jon Ossoff: The Truth Strikes Back”

This reveals the problem with letting ourselves boil elections down to 30 or 60-second spots. It’s a juvenile way for the GOP to accuse their opponents of juvenile activities, and they may have a point. The GOP begins the ad by questioning Ossoffs previous position as a “national security adviser.” Politifact rated that claim as half-true. Basically, he has some experience, but he probably (given the history of the Dems, almost definitely) overstated how high up on the food chain his decisions actually went, since Ossoff was in college at the same time. However, in an attempt to portray Jon Ossoff as an unserious boob, the makers of this ad turned the gun on themselves.

If we all had to campaign with our worst nights from college caught on video, nobody would be president. It’s college. And frankly, that stuff above looks incredibly subdued compared to what likely didn’t make it to tape.

3. Extremists: Ad Against Jon Ossoff

The antagonist in this ad is “them.” Welcome to American politics.

2. Jon Ossoff: How Can We Trust Him?

Ho-hum, just a casual suggestion that your political opponent is working for a guy(s) like Osama bin-Laden. Until Americans admit that there’s a sickness hidden deep within all of us, this shit is only going to get worse.

BONUS: Terrorist Mailer Round

1. “Stop The Violent Left”

This is disgusting.

Can you imagine being the kind of person who comes up with the ideas for ads like these? What a miserable existence. In case you missed that bit at the end where it sped up—almost as if they didn’t want you to hear what they were saying…

Principled Leadership Project PAC paid for this ad and is solely responsible for its content.

Karen Handel gets a free commercial accusing her opponent of wanting to commit political genocide, and plausible deniability to say that she does not endorse the spot. Isn’t American politics neat?

Jacob Weindling is a staff writer for Paste politics. Follow him on Twitter at @Jakeweindling.

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