The 65's Buck Popular Trends in Favor of Visceral Rock

Music Video
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NJ-base rockers, The 65's, have been releasing raw, scorching rock since 2013 with little regard for populous trends. Their massive riffs and monstrous vocal melodies chug forth like a relentless freight train, falling sonically between Metallica and Superchunk. Their newest digital 7" offers up some of their strongest material to date, including the simmering sledge hammer rock of of title-track "Wolves and Men". It is a visceral and impactful song that is surprisingly poignant, if you can keep yourself from head banging long enough to decider the fraught lyricism. If their authentic alt vibes wet your appetite for more, rest assured The 65's our hard at work on a forthcoming LP due out in the last quarter of 2017 on Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.

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