The Long Dark Road Share Self-Titled EP

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The Long Dark Road Share Self-Titled EP

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, meet The Long Dark Road. Currently sharing their new self-titled EP, they entice with heavy metal tendencies throughout. Released earlier this Spring, the group have been garnering accolades from fans and critics alike. 

Fronted by Jeremy Cavan, he brings deep and dark lyricism to the table which drives the record home. Cavan shares “This album saved me from the bottom, and though it has ruined me financially I’m glad to get it out and hopefully share some of my love and frustration with those who can relate. I hope it is the complete art piece that I wanted it to be.”Throughout the short release, 35 minutes in total, the band sets their mark. With enticing pieces such as "The State of Our Union," one of the 'grooviest' pieces on the record, and "I Will Follow," which is perhaps the deepest cut on there. Each piece paints a story, as The Long Dark Road