Video Premiere: Trash Deity "Run 4 Your Lies"

Music Video
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""Run 4 YourLies!" is a maniac chant to rise the bored to Trash the dancefloor to create some electricity for the body dancing next to them! - Groovie Mann

Chicago native and LA based Industrial duo Trash Deity, made up of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult co-founder and charismatic frontman Groovie Mann and top production and engineering master John Norten of Blue Eyed Christ, teased out their fresh take on old school industrial with the release of their hypnotic Official Music Video for "Finger on a Trigger" back in November, tease being the appropriate term here, since fans have been waiting with baited breath for the rest of their EP, Run 4 Your Lies!. But the waiting is over, at least for the title track, and we're thrilled to be able to deliver that highly anticipated follow-up in the form of an equally enticing music video! The combination of their shared Wax Trax! history, the experiences of their divergent musical paths, along with Groovie's trademark crooning growls over Norten's polished soundscapes, all come together to create an auditory experience recalling both the history of the industrial music movement and the future possibilities of the genre!

"Run 4 Your Lies!" is the Chaos and Confusion of our Modern Times wrapped in a Hypnotic Industrial Dance Groove with a Throbbing Bass pounding to the Universal Beat! - John D. Norten

Keep an out for Trash Deity's Run 4 Your Lies! (release date unannounced) but grab a copy of "Run 4 Your Lies!" over on iTunes!

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