Watch Samantha Bee Trash Senate Republicans' Healthcare Bill

Comedy Video Samantha Bee
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Samantha Bee—similar to basically everybody else in America that isn’t Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan—really hates Republican Senators’ new health care bill. Bee notes that the bill’s tax cuts to the wealthy will trickle down to the middle classes in the sense that “poor people will still get access to the antibiotics that rich people shed in their urine.”

The clip is full of funny, yet insightful comments about this massively flawed bill. Helpfully, Bee breaks down just how many Americans depend on Medicaid—all of whom would be massively affected by the new bill. 20 percent of all Americans depend on it, alongside 39 percent of children, 49 percent of newborns and 64 percent of old people. “That’s right, Medicaid’s the reason we don’t have gangs of elderly people roaming our streets, robbing us of our soft food and sharing their thoughts about Asian people,” Bee quips.

To end the segment, she jokingly agrees with Josh Holmes’ assertion that McConnell can still get the bill passed, despite it being “The legislative equivalent of landing a 747 in a suburban driveway.” “Yes, it’s exactly like that,” Samantha agrees. “Because it’s going to be catastrophic.” Like everything Full Frontal does, the segment is political commentary at its finest.

Check out the full, hilarious clip—plus a few others from last night’s Full Frontal—above.