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In an apparent attempt to appease fans of Big Trouble in Little China who also love complex boardgames (all 12 of them), Chris Batarlis and Boris Polonsky decided to go ahead and make their own indie game based on the popular ‘80s movie. It’s a strange concept, but one that makes more and more sense the more we learn about it. And even though it may seem like they’re a little late to the game, considering the movie is a solid 30 years old, indie boardgames are experiencing something of a renaissance. Plus, they’ve clearly put a lot of effort into crafting a solid experience.

According to the creators:

In Big Trouble in Little China the Game you’ll embark on a wild adventure to experience the exotic and mystical underworld of Chinatown. You and up to 3 other players (1-6 in Deluxe) take on the roles of their favorite iconic heroes from the film like Jack, Gracie, Egg, and the rest of the gang.

To show off their unique creation, the developers put out a trailer today that explains the game a little more. The trailer is evidently narrated by a Kurt Russell impersonator but … it’s not very close. Most of us have just seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Russell’s sultry baritone is still reverberating around our brain. This dude is no Kurt Russell, sir. This is pure pain.

That said, though, the game itself looks pretty great. Everything looks professional and colorful and appropriately deep and complex for the type of gamer that would be interested in this game in the first place. It’s built as a cooperative game (in a vein that reminds us of Pandemic and other similar games) where players utilize their character’s unique talents and abilities to complete various missions throughout Little China. Players work together gaining audacity and chi to level up their characters in anticipation of the Final Showdown to take down Lo Pan, the Three Storms and other enemies from the movie.

The game isn’t quite finished yet—and doesn’t have a release date—but the deluxe edition of the game will set you back about $99. The core version of the game comes with a double-sided game board, a quest book, 40 miniatures, 38 molded dice, six hero cards, five boss cards, 168 other cards and a fate track, as well as dozens of tokens and pegs. The deluxe version throws in a metallic gold box, seven additional quests, 38 extra cards, custom dice, the ability to add a sixth player and an alternate Lo Pan boss board to stretch the core experience further.

Check out the goofy trailer above and preorder the game here.

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