Eight New Comedy Podcasts to be Released by Forever Dog

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Eight New Comedy Podcasts to be Released by Forever Dog

The Forever Dog Podcast Network has announced the release of eight new comedy podcasts as a part of their “Podcast Summer” campaign.

Through Sept. 1, the innovative comedy network is set to release an impressive line-up of shows, from a comedian-doctor duo answering listener questions about sex and health to a feminist dissection of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Hosted by the likes of The Special’s Brett Davis, Silicon Valley’s Alice Wetterlund, and contributor to Paste and The New Yorker Steven Markow, the new slate of podcast releases are sure to brighten up your morning commute this summer. Each series will be available via Forever Dog and Apple Podcasts.

Check out the full lineup of Forever Dog releases and Brett Davis’ Paste Studio performance below.

Fresh Batch
June 1
Host: Michelle Collins (The View, Bachelor In Paradise: After Paradise)
The Other Queen of Talk is here! Michelle Collins lets loose on this irreverent television round-up. Get hilarious first impressions, real-deal gossip, behind-the-scenes insight, the funniest breakdowns of your favorite reality show, and more. Bow down.

The Podcast For Laundry
July 6
Host: Brett Davis (The Special, Andy Kaufman Award Winner)
A man who loves laundry starts an abrasive and sad niche podcast. Andy Kaufman Award Winner Brett Davis brings us this aggressive, frustrating, brilliant audio project.

July 10
Host: Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles (Above Average, Funny or Die)
Tracy Soren & Jessie Jolles have regrets: hilarious, upsetting, sad, shocking, scary, stupid regrets. And now, in the interest of healing, Tracy and Jessie are ready to spill the beans. Each week, alongside a regret-filled friend, the duo laughs, cries, yells, and preserves through the unforgiving streets of Regretsville.

Relatively Healthy
July 12
Hosts: Dr. Ellen Stolar and Janie Stolar (UCB)
A modern, feminist Loveline: two sisters, a doctor and a comedian, take your calls about sex, health, dating and more. Want your questions answered? Leave the Stolars a message: 844-STOLARX!

Public Intellectual
July 20
Hosts: Jessa Crispin (Bookslut, Why I Am Not A Feminist)
Radical firebrand Jessa Crispin excoriates our culture week in and week out in this no-nonsense corrective to the world of anti-intellectualism.

Treks and the City
July 24
Hosts: Alice Wetterlund (Silicon Valley, People Of Earth) and Veronica Osorio (Hail Caesar)
Move over Nerdbros. Alice and Veronica are bringing a much needed feminist perspective to the sci-fi roundtable, dissecting Star Trek: The Next Generation episode by episode with their famous and hilarious friends.

Turner Masters Memory Hospital
August 16
Written by: Catherine Cohen (UCB) and Steven Markow (The New Yorker, Paste)
A Forever Dog Limited Series. A town of rape apologists grieve the loss of a horrible teen named Turner Masters as they make preparations to memorialize/render useless the hospital in which he died.

Undercover Podcast
September 1
Written by: Brett Boham
A Forever Dog Limited Series. FBI Agent Dan Riesling has a unique method for catching criminals: create a fake podcast, invite the suspect on as a guest, and trick them into confessing before they even realize they’re being interrogated.

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