Scorching Summer Single From Alke "Without You"

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Los Angeles pop duo Alke’s new single Without You is both irresistibly shiny and genuinely soulful, entrancing with a haunting 80s-like melody that actually would have made it a hit in any decade. Co-vocalists A.K Karrasch and Jameson Flood (also on production, guitar, synths) met in Nashville two years ago working with a mutual fellow musician but made an alchemical artistic connection themselves in the studio. 

Following up previous singles Indigo and Ruthless, Without You will no doubt be their breakout hit, as warm synths burble up to match the seductive dreamscape of the anthem’s textures. There’s a lot of pure pop joy here to be intoxicated by, and this succulent song would make the romance scene in any movie set in a happening cosmopolitan city one to re-watch again and again just to hear it.

-Myra Ivy

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