Daily Dose: Crashing Hotels, "Tsunami"

The compelling track by the San Francisco duo was released on an awesome 7-inch x-ray record.

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Daily Dose: Crashing Hotels, "Tsunami"

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San Francisco’s Crashing Hotels are pulling out all the stops for the release of their sophomore album, Exploration Exploitation. The duo have found a niche for themselves within the city’s colliding music and tech scene and have crafted everything from x-ray records of our track du jour, “Tsunami,” to a Kickstarter campaign for the album that tipped in less than two days, and an interactive album debut party at a ridiculous Alamo Square mansion.

Crashing Hotels are frontman Ao Anderson and drummer Tony Bednar. Their socially-conscious synth-rock sounds like a post-apocalyptic New Order, swathed with gothic vibes and dance beats. “Tsunami” is the second single from Exploration Exploitation, which has a series of splashes and events leading up to its full release on Nov. 11. The track’s gripping synths are wrapped around Bednar’s math-y drums and Anderson’s deep vocals. A Japanese sample in the bridge hints at a greater mission and builds into an explosion meant solely for the dance floor. ”’Tsunami’ is an expression of respect for the rareness of life and immense energy that struck the eastern coast of Japan at 2:46pm on March 11th, 2011,” the band says.

Music in San Francisco in 2017 is wholly unique. Where many musicians have fled the city for Oakland, Los Angeles and other parts of the country, a band like Crashing Hotels continues to play within the technological pond that the city has become. On July 29th, each of the eight tracks on their yet-to-be-released album, will be “physically manifested” into a different room of the historic Archibishop’s mansion, including “Tsunami.” Hear it below and keep an ear on Crashing Hotels…

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