David Letterman Says Trump Couldn't Work at The Gap, Wants to Put Him in a Home

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David Letterman Says Trump Couldn't Work at The Gap, Wants to Put Him in a Home

David Letterman is just about as tired as you are with current political affairs and the effects the Trump administration has had on popular culture. In an interview with the AP, Letterman discussed his wish for television to move on from “whining” about Trump, saying he’s sick of people “telling us there’s something wrong” without “doing something about it.”

“Other people have made this point: If the guy was running Dairy Queen, he’d be gone. This guy couldn’t work at The Gap. So why do we have to be victimized by his fecklessness, his ignorance?” asked Letterman. “I know there’s trouble in this country and we need a guy who can fix that trouble. I wish it was Trump, but it’s not, so let’s just stop whining about what a goon he is and figure out a way to take him aside and put him in a home.”

This is hardly the first time Letterman has ripped Trump. In an October 2016 New York Times interview, the comedian called then-candidate Trump “a damaged human being” and “a person to be shunned.”

Letterman is known for his outspokenness on political issues, particularly climate change. The comedian previously partnered with National Geographic for their series Years of Living Dangerously and will now host a weekly Funny or Die series featuring Senator Al Franken, titled Boiling the Frog with Senator Al Franken, which will focus on the White House’s stance on climate change.

Watch the first episode below.