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Don't look now, but the news is bad. Not just the things happening in the news but the news itself. A steady diet of partisan propaganda has soured a wide swath of America against the very idea of legitimate journalism, while mainstream media's desperation for viewers and readers has corrupted journalism so thoroughly that it can be hard to even find it beneath the opinions and fluff. Now you've got all these activists starting up websites and spreading conspiracy theories and blatant lies and still somehow landing White House credentials and access to the government, and at this point it's hard to see how the idea of news can even survive. Fun times!

This is the backdrop to comedian Jeff Cerulli's web series The Feed, where he plays the founder and editor of a fly-by-night would-be news website. This sly satire of modern media releases a new episode every Tuesday, but you can check out tomorrow's episode today exclusively here at Paste. This week The Feed's new field reporter, played by comedian Cate Weinberg, shows the appropriate amount of respect that her boss and his website deserve. Check it out above, and watch every other episode over at The Feed's site.

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