Space Diaries Are Out of this World On New Release

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Space Diaries Are Out of this World On New Release

Listening to Space Diaries gave me an easy enjoyment of the familiar and not so familiar, their sound is clean and clear and reminiscent of some of my favorite bands i.e. The Cure and Simple Minds. It’s mixed with complex fragments of musical genius and delivered beautifully with unapologetic rock savvy and fair. 

“Arsenal” is filled with amazing electric instrumentation and a gorgeous vibrato-esque voice. The lead singer’s voice is pulsating, beautiful in pitch, and tone. While the guitar solo only enhances an already solid piece, the drum cadence, excellent mix of reverb and slight additional echo provide the backdrop for some really good music. 

Their first track listed on their musical website “Here She Comes” is on the opposite spectrum combining a lighter, almost pop sound with spirited drums, catchy lyrics, and a nice melody. What most impressed me about,” Here She Comes” was the introduction alone; the first four bars of the song are almost cinematic with a sonic palate full of horns, woodwinds and drums overall a really good track. 

One track that struck me immediately is “Liberation.” I love the pattern of story-telling Space Diaries uses on their songs, “Liberation,” is no different. The stand out for me on this track was the aggressive drums, which was quite the surprise. The song is emotionally carried by both the lead singer and beautiful instrumentation but the drums are something special. 

Overall this is a solid group, with a very consistent offering to the music industry, hopefully we will hear more from them very soon!

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