Exclusive: The Dears Share Dynamic New Tune "Taking It to the Grave"

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Exclusive: The Dears Share Dynamic New Tune "Taking It to the Grave"

Montreal indie-pop pros The Dears have a new track out today titled “Taking It To The Grave,” streaming exclusively at Paste. The duo of Murray Lightburn and Natalia Yanchak, recently reunited after a lengthy hiatus, are delivering a new album next week—Times Infinity Volume Two, their seventh LP, is out July 14 on Dangerbird Records.

After six years off, The Dears returned to record 2015’s acclaimed Times Infinity Volume One, and “Taking It To The Grave” would suggest that the latter half of their two-album project is not to be missed. Per a press release, “Both Lightburn and Yanchak identify Volume Two—a record driven by an unmistakeable sense of unease—as the comparatively darker half of the Times Infinity series.”

Dark, yes, but “Taking It To The Grave” is dynamic above all else. The rollercoaster of an electro-pop track begins with a mournful, muted sort of menace, building and suggesting until at last it launches into a glorious catharsis, with Lightburn and Yanchak’s ethereal vocals dueling over a guitar line that shines like holy fire.

“In the end, this song isn’t supposed to make you feel good or fuzzy—while it is hopeful in a triumphant way, it is also resolute and definite,” Yanchak explains. “This is how things are going to be, and we’ll just have to deal with it. We’re taking it to the grave.”

Lightburn spoke to the song’s link to the Times Infinity project as a whole, explaining:

Life is beautiful but that beauty can easily and suddenly be taken away. It’s only one component of the album though. Through Times Infinity we try to face everything that comes with taking that leap of faith, to commit to love unconditionally. It’s scary and amazing all at once.

Listen to “Taking It To The Grave” below, and The Dears’ 2010 Daytrotter Session via the Paste Cloud beneath that. You can preorder Times Infinity Volume Two here.