Watch Phish Sing an A Cappella "Free Bird," Complete With Guitar Solos

An exclusive video from Neil Young's 1998 Bridge School Benefit show.

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Watch Phish Sing an A Cappella "Free Bird," Complete With Guitar Solos

After taking Monday off, Phish is back at Madison Square Garden Tuesday night for the fourth show of their 13-night “Baker’s Dozen” run. To mark the occasion, we dug through the Paste Vault—the world’s largest collection of live recorded music—to find some of our favorite Phish files.

Among the gems is this exclusive video of a fully acoustic set at Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit in 1998. This was a special show for several reasons—apart of course, from the concert’s mission to raise money for children with severe physical and communicative impairments. For one, it’s entirely unplugged, meaning you can watch classic Phish concert staples like “Guyute” in a format we rarely get to see. For two, the band is joined by Young himself on this gentle cover of “Helpless,” one of Neil’s most beautiful songs. For three, the show marked the public debuts of three Phish songs: “Sleep,” “Never” and “Driver.”

And for four, you can watch Trey, Mike, Page and Jon gather around a microphone and sing an entirely a cappella version of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird,” complete with iconic guitar solos, which here become mouth solos.


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